Picture this - integrated medical image databases

The medical world has benefited greatly from advances in computer-based applications. Clinics and hospitals regularly employ these to manage growing quantities of data. One form of data, medical imaging, represents a key component in modern healthcare. Yet data management in this field can be a major problem, owing to the exponential growth in imaging techniques.

An umbrella project, MEDIMEDIA, links seven European projects dealing with medical imaging. Together they are building a search engine and user interface to link several medical image databases. This integration will be achieved via a common pathway for accessing the data, rather than merging the databases. The benefits will be improved data records and the capability of care providers to easily exchange information. Medical professionals can also expect better management of imaging data. Authorities could also make use of the reference data for university education, public awareness campaigns or libraries of reference images.

The demonstration on the MEDIMEDIA stand focuses on applications developed within each project. It also shows a local network operating as an Intranet in order to access image databases from a number of diverse imaging applications. The images are accessible without changing the format of the files or transferring them to a common computer.

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