New ASIC core peripheral for next-generation ASIC designs

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) using a Floating Point Unit (FPU) is the simplest method of integrating many algorithmic needs for integrated circuit design. However integrating floating point processing, using standard DSP components, is not cost effective for new-generation IT products.

The MAGIC-FPU project is developing an innovative alternative for integrating floating point DSP units into low-cost electronic systems, compared to the traditional DSP components. Silicon CMOS technologies (0.35ยต or less) allow cost-effective integration of high-performance FPU cores into ASICs. Currently however, there is no ASIC FPU core available on the market. MAGIC-FPU proposes a high-performance ASIC core peripheral for floating point DSP applications, to address the markets for low-cost telecommunication, multimedia, automotive and electro-medical systems.

Prototypes are being developed for two ASIC Specific Product (ASP) applications. The project is working on a dedicated Array Digital Filtering ASP for use in a smart antenna for digital cellular networks and an ASP for sound generation designed to support the development of new sound synthesis instruments.

Visitors to the stand will see an integrated system for singing-voice education. The demonstration will show a class of algorithms capable of running in real time on a MAGIC-FPU core. This features automatic determination of main voice physical parameters, automatic control of the relevant musical events, record and playback and resynthesis with a synchronised MIDI karaoke file, and a singing voice virtual model.

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