Web centre for adult education and lifelong learning

The ELECTRA project is developing a web information centre for adult education and training issues, which will be a reference point for national activities. The ELECTRA Centre offers information on policies, educational and guidance providers, courses, educational methods and publications for adult education and lifelong learning. The material is available in English, French, German, Greek, Italian and Swedish.

The project consortium expects the ELECTRA Centre to have a substantial impact. Accessibility to education, training and guidance-counselling in the participating countries are expected to increase through the use of the centre's resources. Subscriptions through ELECTRA to training courses, especially those provided via the Internet, will help to develop commercial links to educational and training organisations.

Anyone using the discussion forums will have the opportunity to address experts and specialists in the fields of adult education and lifelong learning. Moreover, the provision of multilingual information about international, European, national and regional policies and examples of practice will help policy makers to compare the strategies used in other countries. The diffusion of different countries' information policies and examples of current practice through a European information site will increase awareness on how cultural factors affect educational practices.

Exhibition visitors may explore the ELECTRA system, to obtain information regarding educational and training organisations, courses, counselling and guidance providers, policies, programmes and initiatives in France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom. They may participate in discussion forums, as well as inserting information into the system.

Contact John KOUTSONIKOS, Mentor Training SA
tel +30 61 453035
fax +30 61 422692
email jkoutsonikos@mentor.gr
website www.electra.eu.org/electra.htm

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