Co-operative, multilingual and multicultural education

Lifelong learning, open and distance education are becoming familiar concepts. No more than fringe activities just a decade ago, they are now being embraced by European educational institutions. Individuals are signing up for courses, as are forward-looking businesses and industrial organisations.

Prompted by these education practices, the ARIADNE project brings together public institutions and companies. The result of the work is a range of tools and methods for producing, managing and re-using computer-based teaching elements and other technologies to support training curricula. New methods developed include the Educational Scenario approach, Curriculum Editor Tool and Conceptual Segmentation. These complement a meta-data set compliant with the latest Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) international standard.

The project goal is to have a European system that is co-operative, multilingual and multicultural - both for those who deliver education and those who receive it. For users - whether individuals, researchers or industry - the result should be better, faster and easier access to education. Other potential gains include improved productivity, efficiency and continent wide collaboration. Hence the interest of corporations in the sharing of knowledge that can be produced with this method. European Union institutions also welcome the opportunity to harmonise education and training policies.

ARIADNE stand visitors can see four separate computer-based demonstrations. These highlight the use of authoring tools to create sharable knowledge elements, the European Knowledge Pool system, creating and managing an open distance learning (ODL) curriculum, and examples of existing ODL curricula.

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