Facing the challenge of nanotechnology IC manufacturing

The Microelectronics Advanced Research Initiative focuses on nanotechnology and the challenges involved in future integrated circuit manufacturing. This initiative consists of fourteen projects, with more than forty partners.

Visiting the stand generates a feel for the challenges involved in nanotechnology, and the research and development needed to manufacture future integrated circuits that are not based on traditional Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) technology. One stand demonstration is of the high-temperature superconducting chip which, although consisting of few elements, is one of the most complex circuits of this kind in the world. The remainder of the exhibits will give a flavour of the state of the art of technology and ongoing research in the laboratories. Visitors can see a video on nanoscale integrated circuit technologies, the functioning of a Biochip, a chip made of superconducting materials, nanometer structures (through a portable atomic force microscope) and a stamp for printing those nanometer structures.

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