Validating a standard for transport telematics

Microwave or infrared communications for vehicle to roadside communication have been in use for a number of years. However, a different scenario is now emerging with the advent of much larger, sometimes nationwide, implementations. Earlier systems addressed the needs of a limited category of drivers, but they will in future target a majority of road users and adhere to common standards.

The VASCO project, part of the TAP programme, is validating a Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) standard, which is proposed as suitable technology to support the wider implementation of road transport telematics services. Examples are automatic fee collection, access control, traffic and travel information, dynamic route guidance, and so on. The final result is intended to be validation of DSRC equipment from European manufacturers, using two different media (5.8 GHz and infra-red). This equipment is designed to comply with the proposed CEN TC 278 standards. The work covers laboratory measurements of DSRC equipment parameters and testing in various traffic environments, including conditions of multi-lane traffic, multi-application, windscreen attenuation, extreme weather, etc.

The project results are targeted at organisations such as city planners, road authorities, motorway operators and fleet owners, as well as car drivers. Early availability of validated and conformant DSRC elements will give users confidence that interoperability and compatibility are assured, whatever the source of their equipment. Suppliers will also benefit, from low-risk manufacturing and confident marketing for an approved standard.

The VASCO project stand gives an overview of the three-step approach being used to validate the DSRC standard. Conformance testing is being demonstrated, making use of a Reference DSRC beacon developed within the project. On-board units, from several manufacturers, are available for examination.

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