Improving the management of software change

For software developers, the greatest concerns are requirement specifications and the management of customer amendments. These concerns focus on the interface between supplier and customer during the software production process.

The SACHER project plans to improve the handling of change requirements in software intensive systems development, to increase the effectiveness of cost estimation in software contract definition and to increase procurer confidence in software acceptance and maintainability.

Development of the SACHER method and toolkit has followed an incremental approach involving IT developers, users and external customers. The toolkit is being installed at user sites to check its performance on software contracts. Future commercialisation of SACHER results is being prepared, by defining the terms of the commercial alliance and the product marketing strategy.

The demonstration shows how the SACHER toolkit helps project managers to handle customer-requested changes to the original requirements. It shows how the toolkit can be integrated with the existing development environment by connecting to a remote web server and downloading fresh data in XML format into the SACHER system.

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