Empowering planners and public with environmental data

Environmental information must be freely accessible to the public. The European Commission is keen to improve the transparency of political decisions and enhance public access to environmental information. For a Europe without borders, such information becomes increasingly important at the transnational level.

Project TEMSIS, straddling the French-German frontier, aims to provide communities with an environmental information system. Assisted by networked computer systems and tools, it is already providing information on environmental sectors such as air, water, nature and the landscape. The project uses several technologies, among them video conferencing and Internet navigation and presentation tools. Environmental databases can be accessed via fast retrieval mechanisms, while a meta-information system supports navigation of distributed data sources. A geographical information system is also deployed on low-cost desktop computer systems.

Municipalities in the Saar-Moselle region are using the project's systems to co-operate online, fine tuning their transnational framework planning. People living in the area also benefit by visiting special information kiosks to send messages and opinions on the current environmental situation or discuss new plans with other citizens and the relevant local authorities.

Two kiosks on the TEMSIS stand demonstrate how the project serves public and transnational administrations. The public booth presents the web interface and information, such as air quality reports, in English, French and German. The administrative kiosk has an extract of a transnational planning process that uses an Intranet to link experts.

Contact Josef BURGARD,DFKI GmbH
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email josef.burgard@stz.dfki.de
Website www-temsis.dfki.uni-sb.de

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