Portable system aids medical tele-consultation

Although still in its infancy, telemedicine is poised to change healthcare in remote areas or crisis situations. By consulting with other medical professionals through computers and telecommunication links, doctors can provide better and faster treatment for disease or injury. Remote medical imaging, for example, can ensure high-quality care without the patients travelling.

Project TELEINVIVO is developing an integrated workstation capable of providing telemedicine applications. Containing a portable ultrasound device plus computing and telecommunication capabilities, the system is low-cost, light, transportable and non-radiating. Complemented by dedicated software, it supports a range of applications.

The portable device provides three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound acquisition and the ability to display the results of the 3D scan. A doctor with the device can scan the patient and transfer the acquired 3D-dataset to a remote expert using the built-in telecommunication channel. Once data transmission is complete, both experts are linked online over the telecommunication channel and can analyse the 3D-data replicated at each site. Doctor and specialist view identical images on the screen with no time lag, even over narrow-band telecommunication channels.

There are live tele-consultations with local and trial sites on the TELEINVIVO stand, which demonstrates the workstation's 3D visualisation software and freehand 3D-ultrasound acquisition. The functions and fast performance give the product high market potential.

Contact Georgios SAKAS, Fraunhofer IGD
tel +49 6151 155 153
fax +49 6151 155 499
email Georgios.Sakas@igd.fhg.de
website www.igd.fhg.de/teleinvivo

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