Heart disease diagnosed by video-conferencing

Rapid and accurate diagnosis of hereditary heart disease is important for determining correct patient care. Cardiac echocardiograms are an essential part of initial patient assessment, but few hospitals have specialised staff to interpret the results. As a result, echocardiograms are typically sent on videotapes by courier to another hospital with the necessary expertise.

The TELE-REMEDY project aims to improve heart disease diagnosis by implementing video-conferencing between hospitals. Remote consultations can be obtained for emergency cases and video conferencing scheduled among cardiologists, through the digital network. This new form of working is called telemedicine. The proposed solution is based on European Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) technology. It can provide the necessary bandwidth required for high-quality transmission of video, text and voice data at an affordable cost. Links can be established locally, regionally, nationally or internationally among the hospitals involved.

The project results are aimed at organisations and individuals involved in providing Tele-medicine services. The system is presently being validated at five hospitals in Greece, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

The TELE-REMEDY stand is demonstrating Trans-European telemedicine services for remote diagnosis and management of hereditary heart disease. The demonstration makes use of digital interactive communication based on video, text and sound. The possibilities for extending the service to other specialist areas will be illustrated.

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