CLOSING PLENARY: INFORMATION SOCIETY TECHNOLOGIES PROGRAMME 2000: strategic orientations, workprogramme 2000, future calls for proposals

Wednesday 24 November 16:15-17:45 room C1


This plenary session will look into the policy context and strategic orientations of the Information Society Technologies programme. Appropriate for the final session of the conference, also an outlook will be presented on the future IST work programme: how it came about, the consultation process with the actors in the IST field, and what it contains for the year 2000. Practical information will be provided about next year’s calls for proposals.

This session is highly recommended for all those interested in participating in new projects, as well as for those interested in the thinking behind the IST programme, the relationships to policy making in general of the EU’s R&D in information society technologies and the lessons learned over the years. In this session conference participants, representing the information society community, will be invited to contribute to the further advancement of the IST programme.


  • Robert Verrue, Director General, Information Society Directorate, European Commission:
    The European Union’s policy in information society RTD: its broader context and its implications for RTD in 2000 and beyond (.doc, 34kb)

Future workprogramme and Calls for Proposals – Presentations and Discussion:

  • George Metakides, Director, European Commission, Essential Information Society Technologies and Infrastructures, Information Society Directorate General: Workprogramme preparation process (.ppt, 97kb)
  • Angelo Airaghi, Vice-President, Finmeccanica, President of ISTAG: ISTAG orientations (Information Society Technologies Advisory Group) (.ppt, 97kb)
  • GĂ©rard Comyn, Head of Unit for Workprogramme and Cross-programme Themes, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General : WP 2000, the main orientations and changes with respect to WP 1999 (.ppt, 422kb)
  • K. Rouhana, Workprogramme 2000 Co-ordinator, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General: Presentation of the year 2000 calls (.ppt, 51kb)
  • J. Bus, Head of Unit, Operational Aspects of the Programme, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General : Guidelines for Proposers (.ppt, 704kb)


Gerard Comyn (Gerard.Comyn@cec.eu.int)
Khalil Rouhana (

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