Tuesday 23 November 10:30-12:00 Ballroom


This session will bring together novel and ‘forward looking’ concepts of architecture, office design, and ‘wearables’, which will help to design the innovative workplaces of the future.

The globalisation and the considerable expansion of information technology and telecommunications require novel concepts of working methods and practices. Universal mobile telecommunications play a great role in present day working environments. Applications of wearable computers are beginning to emerge. Working in a fixed office environment is giving way to ‘working from anywhere’. The implication of this needs to be taken up by architects and office designers, in order to make the new reality more adaptable to the people. We need to look at totally novel concepts of ‘virtual offices, working methods, wearables and working environment’ which should also act as ‘customised agents’, in the 2010 and beyond!

The speakers will specifically address, facility management and automatically reconfigurable workplaces using dynamic sensors, virtual environments for team work, and groupware systems for awareness in 3D environment using avatars and ambient displays. A particular point of discussion will also be the sustainability aspects of the workplaces and how the modern technology and novel approaches can be best employed for it.


Chairperson : Keith Alexander (UK), Director Centre for Facilities Management, Strathclyde
Graduate Business School

  • Colin Fournier (UK), Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bartlett School of Architecture : Innovative Workplace in the Built Environment
  • Tommi Tuominen (FI), President, Equator Helsinki Oy : A New Workplace Strategy for Globalisation : Virtual Workplace (.doc, 28kb)
  • Bo Widen (S), Executive Consultant, Ericsson Radio System AB: Flexible Offices : New Ways to work.
  • Peter Schickel (D), Manager, Blaxxun Interactive AG: The Work Environment of the Future (.doc, 55kb)


Aniyan Varghese (Aniyan.Varghese@cec.eu.int)

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