Monday 22 November 16:00-17:30 Ballroom


What’s the point of developing all these new information society technologies and applications, if Europeans do not use them?

Well, some do, but many, are either unaware, reluctant, or passive.

This session will show why this is the case. It will reveal interest of Europeans in information societies, technologies, services, and applications, and the fascinating market potential for those that matter!

It will also show successful examples of the information society reaching out to people and businesses. In the first part, you will become familiar with the best dissemination initiatives for making information society technologies work for SMEs. In the second one, we will guide you through the prototype of a 3D virtual visit to the EU.


Chairperson: J. Wenzel, Principal Advisor, European Commission Information Society Directorate General/ISAC: Introduction

  • Dominique Vancrayeynest, Representative of INRA Int. Research Associates: The invisible market - Peoples attitudes towards IS Barometer findings (.doc, 47kb) (.ppt, 272kb)
  • Louis Lengrand (F), LL&A The Information Sources for Information Society Promotion: The ESIS/GIP surveys and Best Practices Gallery
  • Martin Boyle (UK), Department of Trade & Industry – G8 pilot projects:Lessons and experiences for Europe (.doc, 16kb)
  • Aimo Maanvilja (FI), HPY and Bourbon Network. Stimulating IS take-up in SMEs: The Blueprint for success
  • Thierry Klein (F), Citycom:
    EU Open Door for the Citizen – a 3DV prototype A guided tour
  • Sylvie Feindt (D), KITE G8 project manager:
    SMEs guidelines to successful Internet Business (.doc, 54kb)

Marco Villard, cartoonist, will be illustrating the session

More about making technology work (.doc, 126kb)


Jose Pato (Jose.Pato@cec.eu.int)

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