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skills.gif (3095 bytes) New Partnerships to close Europe’s Information and Communication Technologies Skills Gap

Thursday 25 November 9:00-16:30, Dipoli Auditorium,
Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki

Europe's shortfall in the skills essential to sustaining a leading position in IT and Communications is well known. There are many excellent, but localised initiatives. To address this crucial issue on an EU-wide basis seven major companies, Nokia, BT, Microsoft Europe, Thomson CSF, Siemens AG, Philips Semiconductors and IBM Europe have been working with the European Commission.

The objectives of the conference are to share work already done to better profile and publicise the roles and skills needed and to attract more people to the industry. The consortium also wants to share good practice on other initiatives and innovative partnerships and to bring together leading figures in education, business and government from across the European Union. The consortium seeks to involve these sectors in the next steps and to foster new and innovative partnerships, spanning public and private sectors. There is no conference fee.

Download the conference programme (.doc, 377kb)


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