Wednesday 24 November 13:00-14:15 room C2


Where is regulation heading? What should be regulated in liberalised markets? What will be the impact of convergence on future regulation? What will the '99 review achieve?

The EU has already liberalised the telecoms markets in Europe. Under the terms of current legislation, the Commission is charged with conducting an examination of the operation of the current telecoms regulatory framework in the light of technical and market developments and changes in user demand in 1999.

The Commission will also want to include in its assessment the conclusions which were drawn in the consultation on convergence, the experience with implementation of existing directives, the conclusions of the consultation on spectrum management and the report on the operation of Directive 95/47/EC on the use of standards for the transmission of television signals. The time frame for the launch of this comprehensive assessment coincides with the IST 99 conference.

The session/panel discussion will examine the issues which will be of greatest relevance to the review allowing an exchange of opinion on how the future regulatory framework should best be adapted to take account of developments and market evolution.

---> Report on panel discussion


Chairperson: Robert Verrue, Director General, Information Society Directorate General, European Commission: (.doc, 48kb)

  • Martin Andersson (FI) Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Sonera Ltd
  • Allan Fischer-Madsen, (DK) , partner, Fischer & Lorenz European Telecommunications Consultants representing INTUG
  • Linda Ward (UK), Director of Regulation and Carrier Affairs at BT (Worldwide) Ltd, Belgium: (.doc, 26kb)
  • Dan Kiernan (F), Director of Regulatory Affairs, Alcatel Group, Paris
  • Jens Arnbak (DK), chairman of the Dutch Telecoms Regulatory Authority, the Hague.


Sandra Keegan (Sandra.Keegan@cec.eu.int)

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