Proceedings of the following sessions available


Opening Plenary
Children Shaping the Future
‘ACTION’ - E-commerce awareness: Influencing the information society
Global Versus Local
Making Technology Work in Europe
Net Learning
Networked Europe - Europe Goes Wireless
Towards a Safer Information Society by Combating Cybercrime


Sustainable e-nvironment
Partnerships Across the Oceans - International Co-operation I
Innovative Workplaces
Language Matters!
Free Software - Behind the Scenes
Content Driving Competitiveness
Activity Afoot? (Networked Europe)
Building on S&T partnering


What future for Employment
When Ice Meets Fire: Co-operating with the Mediterranean
Hardware Components: Nuts and Bolts of the New Net Economy
EU-US E-Commerce RTD Co-operation
Health in the Information Society
Scenarios for Business in the Digital Economy

The Wet Frontier (Information Technology meets the Bioworld)
Regulation in a Liberalised and Converging Environment
Strategic issues in multilateral international collaboration (IMS)
IST Programme 2000


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