WORKSHOP: Building on S&T partnering

Tuesday 23 November 13:15-16:30 room C4


The main aim of the workshop is to increase international S&T partnering, in particular building upon the experience gained in EU-Australia collaboration in Science & Technology.

This also includes the promotion of Australian capabilities and opportunities for international collaboration with the EU in general. It is hoped that this will provide useful insights for other international S&T partnerships. The workshop will give the opportunity to an Australian delegation to meet EU counterparts with a view to developing joint proposals for submission to the EU’s IST programme. Opening presentations will be given by Commission and Australian officials followed by presentations by European organisations participating in FPIV projects that have Australian partners. It is envisaged that there will be presentations by up to six selected members of the Australian delegation, describing their technologies, methodologies and expertise in order to give an opportunity for European attendees to see how they can possibly collaborate with the Australians.

---> More detailed description (.doc, 23kb)


  • Opening Presentation by Commission Official - Rosalie Zobel, Acting Director, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General 
  • Opening Presentation by Australian Official - Warren King - Department of Industry, Science and Resources (.doc, 43kb)
  • Mr. Rainiero Chelli (I), Etass Euro-Australia Cooperation Centre Project (.doc, 27kb)
  • Mr. Götz Geibel (D), Seedwolle AG : Intrawool, E-Commerce from farm to yarn
  • Ms. Fausta Sala (I), SINEURA : Rely-food, from theory to practice (.doc, 32kb)
  • Mr. Esko Ukkonen (FI), University of Helsinki : NeuroCOLT international cooperation in Computerscience
  • Ian Lyons (AUS), Datacraft : Development and manufacturing co-operation (.doc, 28kb)
  • Chris Isaac (AUS), ATCrC : Opportunities in Third Generation Mobile Networks (.doc, 39kb)
  • Terry Polkinghorn (AUS), Redcentre: Opportunities for photonics connections (.doc, 26kb)
  • Anne McGill (AUS), Collaborative Health Inf Cent : Australian Health Informatics (.doc, 27kb)
  • Bruce Satchwell (AUS), Micromedical : Opportunities for e-health and telemedicine links (.doc, 244kb)
  • John Colless (AUS), Euro-Australian Co-operation Centre: CIMA/EACC in Australia (.doc, 32kb)


Rosalie Zobel, (Rosalie.Zobel@cec.eu.int)
Frank Cunningham, (Frank.Cunningham@cec.eu.int)

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