Monday 22 November 14:00-15:30 room C1


New intelligent, ubiquitous wireless services allow the European citizen on the move to have seamless interactive access to multimedia information to support of his transport, business and leisure needs. The session “Europe on the Move” addresses these new services and applications, and the wireless visions of the future.


Chairperson: Prof. Yrjö Neuvo (FI), Member of the Group Executive Board, Senior Vice President, Product Creation, Nokia Mobile Phones

  • Mark C. Hoogenboom (NL), Senior Technology Consultant, CAP Gemini: From Mobility to Infomobility    
    The new intelligent, ubiquitous wireless services are dissolving the existing barrier in information access between mobile and non-mobile users, and changing the way of life. This speech gives an overview of these services like traveller information and assistance, in-vehicle systems for drivers and passengers, infotainment, services for transport operators and traffic control, and on the future trends of these service and the enabling technologies. Furthermore, the issues of developing solutions in the mobile environment and security of transactions are addressed.
  • Morten Heuing (D), Product Marketing, TEGARON Telematics GmbH: Navigation to the Guidance    
    Many of the new intelligent services combine navigation with (wireless) telecommunications infrastructuresand technologies to offer mobile citizens services such as dynamic navigation, and location-based information, assistance and guidance. Europe, already prominent in the field of communications infrastructures, has decided to secure a role in the development of next generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). This speech gives an overview of current situation regarding the market for navigation/location based services and the technologies the service providers and hardware suppliers may use in the future.
  • Kevin Duffey (UK): Chairman, Global Mobile Commerce Forum and Group Telecoms Director, Logical Plc: Mobile e-commerce
    Mobile e-commerce, available everywhere and every time, is a driver for e-commerce. The first applications are already a reality. This speech gives an overview of the role of the e-commerce in the electronic marketplace, the business cases, and current state of the art and the future of WAP in mobile commerce.
  • Prof. Yrjö Neuvo (FI), Nokia Mobile Phones: Wireless Visions
    Strategic orientations of the next generation of wireless services, technologies, platforms and networks, and developments leading towards the disappearing computer, ubiquitous computing and communication and ambient intelligence


Juhani Jääskeläinen (juhani.jaaskelainen@cec.eu.int)

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