Monday 22 November 16:00-17:30 room C1


The progress of the information society is having a profound effect on the development of a new learning culture. Learning is dependent on context and on appropriate and timely access to knowledge. Multimedia and telematics based tools, content and services are widely considered as potential central ingredients for evolving new ways and means of learning.

The IST 99 Net Learning session will present key challenges and success factors for the new ways of networked learning, based on information and communication technologies. The objective is to contribute to bridging the gap between research and actual use of learning technologies, content and services in both companies, organisations and private life, in both education, training and lifelong learning in general.

Avenues will be indicated for you to become an active collaboration partner in the Net Learning domain, for example through key European initiatives: PROMETEUS - PROmoting Multimedia access to Education and Training in EUropean Society - A Partnership for a Common Approach to the Production and Delivery of Learning Technologies, Content and Services, and CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies.


Chairperson: Luis Rodríguez-Roselló, Head of Unit, Multimedia Applications for Education and Training, IST Programme, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General (.doc, 31kb)

Net Learning Panel: All Net Learning session participants


Olavi Luotonen (Olavi.Luotonen@cec.eu.int)

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