WORKSHOP/TUTORIAL: LIFT: Getting Your Business Presentation Right

Tuesday 23 November 13:15-16:30 Auditorium


The European Investment Forum is supporting the LIFT tutorials at IST 99.

LIFT (Linking Innovation, Finance and Technology) is an action of the Innovation Programme. Its aim is to foster the successful commercial exploitation of the results of Research and Technological Development projects by improving links between project participants and the investor community

The tutorial is targeted at entrepreneurs who are currently looking for funds and who already prepared a business plan. Participants will receive information on the techniques to adopt in presenting their venture propositions to potential investors. It will help them to gain awareness of the various issues involved and of the most appropriate sources of funding, as well as to develop a business plan that appears credible to investors and other interested parties.

1/ Innovation financing, concepts and sources

  • Basic financial terms used
  • Equity by Business Angels and Venture Capitalists: different types and stages of equity financing, information needs and investment criteria. Exits

2/ Securing the funding

  • Approaching investors and financiers
  • The investment process, due diligence
  • Structuring the deal

LIFT, products and services – Discussion and questions


  • Gavin Don (UK), Equitas, CEO
  • Kathy Greenwood (UK), WL Ventures, CEO
  • Martin Poulsen (UK), Kennet Capital, Associate
  • Jean-Christophe de Tauzia (F), LIFT, Technology management expert


Marco Cecchini (marco.cecchini@cec.eu.int)
Jean-Christophe de Tauzia (

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