WORKSHOP/TUTORIAL: LIFT: Introduction to Innovation Finance

Tuesday 23 November 08:30-12:00 Auditorium


The European Investment Forum is supporting the LIFT tutorials at IST 99.

LIFT (Linking Innovation, Finance and Technology) is an action of the Innovation Programme. Its aim is to foster the successful commercial exploitation of the results of Research and Technological Development projects by improving links between project participants and the investor community.

This tutorial has been conceived to provide researchers and entrepreneurs who are currently working on RTD projects with an introduction to the main issues relevant to the funding of technology based ventures. It will in particular provide an overview of the characteristics of different sources of innovation financing, the different players involved (e.g. banks, seed- and venture capital firms, business angels, etc) and the financial decision making process.

1/ Innovation financing, basic concepts

  • The innovation process, the different types of costs involved (RTD, IPR, feasibility studies, prototyping, production, marketing, etc)
  • The business plan, purpose, contents, financial projections

2/ Sources of innovation finance, an overview

  • The public sector
  • Friends and family, business angels
  • Banks, venture capital companies and other financial institutions

3/ Developing the investment proposal

  • Understanding the risks and selecting the financial package

LIFT, products and services – Discussion and questions

Speakers :

  • Staffan Hillberg (S), Firedoor, CEO
  • Johan Konings (B), Pythagoras, Associate Partner
  • Gavin Don (UK), Equitas, CEO
  • Philippe Dubois (F), Mistral Investissement, CEO
  • Jean-Christophe de Tauzia (F), LIFT, Technology management expert


Marco Cecchini (marco.cecchini@cec.eu.int)
Jean-Christophe de Tauzia (

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