INFO2000 and the future of multimedia: Mobile Multimedia Summit
Tampere Hall, Sunday 21 November 1999, 14.00 - 17.30

The Mobile Multimedia Summit in Tampere is the final event of the market-orientated INFO2000 programme which expires by the end of this year. The Summit will present examples of best practice, illustrating the variety of INFO2000 results achieved in stimulating the multimedia markets in Europe.

A further objective is to look forward to the future and exciting perspectives of Europe's Information Society and Multimedia Markets beyond the INFO2000 programme. In this context high-ranking European Commission officials as well as prominent speakers representing major key players in the field will give special attention to the potential of mobile multimedia in different business environments.

Participation is free of charge. Further information including a detailed agenda and a form for electronic registration is available at: http://www.echo.lu/tampere/tampere.html

The INFO2000 Mobile Multimedia Summit is part of a series of events such as galas, seminars and workshops which will take place in the context of the Tampere International Media Week 1999 from 15 to 21 November 1999. The MindTrek-week is organised by the Tampere Region Centre of Expertise in ICT and Media together with co-operation partners. Further information about MindTrek, including details about the INFO2000 Mobile Multimedia Summit may be obtained via the following URL: http://www.mindtrek.org/

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