Tuesday 23 November 08:30-10:00 room C2


The session will highlight RTD cooperation opportunities with industrialised countries, chiefly with the US and Japan. The session will indicate opportunities and practical solutions towards intercontinental partnership.

Reports will be presented on EU-US experiences from business partnership, in the field of dependability - the EU-US initiative on dependability will be launched in this session. Reporting will also be from the area of multi-lingual systems - the first results of the joint IST-NSF call on multilingual systems will be presented as well as further opportunities for EU-US co-operation in this domain.

EU-Japan co-operation will first be highlighted in the context of the International Manufacturing Systems initiative. The IMS initiative has seen its first call for proposals in the Fifth Framework Programme in June. Substantial experience has been gained in this initiative for RTD co-operation in a multilateral context including with Japan.

Bilateral co-operation with Japan also develops, and an SME partnering event is planned to take place in Japan in October 2000. This event will provide Japanese and European companies active in the fields of multimedia with opportunities for finding partners and matching their skills and competence.

Chairperson: G. Metakides, Director, Essential Information Society Technologies and Infrastructures, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General

  • B. Randel (UK), Dependability, The Context.            
  • B. MacDonald (USA), White House and G. Metakides, European Commission: Launch of EU-US Joint Dependability Initiative
  • G. Strong (USA), NSF: EU-US cooperation initiative in multilingual systems (.doc, 32kb)
  • H. Ohkura (JPN), Toyo Engineering Corporation: EU-Japan cooperation in the IMS context (.doc, 22kb)
  • M. Ollus (FI), VTT Automation: Experiences from industrial co-operation with Japan


Michel Bosco (Michel.Bosco@cec.eu.int)
Erik Habers (Erik.Habers@@cec.eu.int)

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