Wednesday 24 November 14:30-16:00 room C2


This session will bring together those people involved in bringing about change in healthcare as a result of Information Society Technologies. The speakers come from Telematics industry, Healthcare industry and Basic research, that are in the process of introducing sophisticated professional tools for both clinicians and administrators (Electronic Medical Record, Decision Support Systems, Human Computer Interface, Virtual Reality, Simulation and Sensors).

The session will focus on brand new issues that will change everyone’s life in the Information Society, empowerment of the citizen (Personal health System, Home Monitoring and Care) as well as the doctor and patient co-operative environment (Telemedicine Services and Co-operative Environment) - both new aspects of Telemedicine.


Chairperson: Prof. Juan Sancho

  • Prof. Juan Sancho (E), IMIM Instituto Municipal de Investigaciòn Médica: Health, Health Care, Well-being: a Tentative Vision (.doc, 31kb)
  • Clive Tristram (UK), Caspe Healthcare Knowledge Systems Ltd: Ethical Issues in Healthcare Telematics (.doc, 31kb)
  • José Cavanillas (E), SEMA Group – Service Management, Software Engineering Division: New Technologies, New Care: a Software Engineering Approach to Health Care nowadays (.doc, 22 kb)
  • Carol A. Calta (PT), Arthur Andersen Business Consulting: The Internet Revolution: Telemedicine and Co-operative Environments (.doc, 36kb)
  • Pierre Dujols (F), Hôpital de Montpellier, Information Médicale : The Virtual Hospital: Electronic Medical Record, Decision Support Systems, Human Computer Interface (.doc, 25kb)
  • Dr. Thomas Mertelmeier (D), Siemens AG, Bereich medizinische Technik, Basic Research & Development : Medical Imaging: The Visualised Human for Safe Diagnosis and Smart Therapy (.doc, 20 kb)


Luciano Beolchi (Luciano.Beolchi@cec.eu.int)

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