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Lawrence Lessig, Professor at Harvard Law School, recently asserted "We have no problem of governance in cyberspace. We have a problem with governance." It seems that was a long time ago. Internet and Governance are now two notions that are inevitably linked. The modern convergence of values, concepts and usage, supported by digital contents, has found its territory on Internet.

It is fair to say that over the past few years, the Internet has developed a paradigm of economics and politics in itself. It justifies growth, wealth and employment. It tends to shape modern democracy. In short, the web plus adequate software and hardware equals e-business. But the Internet has also increased a feeling of uncertainty and complexity for trade, investment and commerce. Traditional policies for public affairs are blurred as well as the former frontier between private and public instruments and the confidence in co-operation for information exchanges. What will be the rules for Internet, if any?

It is therefore essential for the IST Conference to consider what are the main paths and basic principles for the deployment of the Internet world-wide. The session will reflect on the pending issues of Internet infrastructure and architecture, international guidance for its management, competition for the Domain Name System, availability and fair distribution of IP addresses, evolution of IP protocols, global openness, and more.

Thus, in the light of the decisions to be taken by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and its related Councils, supported by industry, users and governments world-wide, it will be possible to envisage how research and industry for the Information Society could support a stable, yet progressive and potentially truly international Internet.


Chairperson: Paul Twomey (AUS), CEO of the National Office for the Information Economy, Chair of the Governmental Advisory Committee of ICANN, Australia

  • Joe Sims (USA), General Counsel of ICANN
  • Prof. Jun Murai, (JPN) Keio & U.N. Univ., Chair of Japan Internet Research Consortium, or Q. Hualin, (China) Head CNNIC (tbc)
  • Dr. Pekka Tarjanne, (FI) V-P Oxygen, former Secretary-General of ITU
  • J-N Tronc, (F) Adviser to Prime Minister


Richard Delmas (richard.delmas@cec.eu.int)
Christopher Wilkinson (

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