Monday 22 November 14:00-15:30 room C2


Does globalisation lead to localisation? Large trans-national companies try to learn to behave as local citizens everywhere, local SMEs try to learn to operate in global markets. Local and regional economies are a source of innovative activity (e.g. tacit knowledge, cultural environments), but competitiveness has to be global. Information, intangible assets and services move globally fast but people as human capital and skills are location-bound.

Unleashing the potential of European diversity and transforming its regions into a birth place of global competitors require a pluralism of regional infrastructures, applications and services. Scalability of applications and services, accessibility and affordability make it possible for both global and regional digital economies to develop.

What lessons from practical experience do we have today? What policies for the growth of digital regional economies do we need? Can Europe combine global leadership with local adaptation? Can we create an inclusive information society, for business and citizens, within the multi-lingual, multi-cultural Europe? Virtual regions, global regions, "Silicon Valleys" everywhere?

This session will debate the local phase of the global digital economy and explore promising actions and policies at regional, national and European level.


Chairperson: Dr Roberto Carneiro (PT), President Grupo Forum

  • Dr. Orna Berry (IL), Chief Scientist, Head of R&D Administration: Local vs. Global Competitiveness (.ppt, 355kb)
  • Christos Folias (GR), MEP, Member of the INDU Committee of the European Parliament: Trade and technology as global drivers of local economies (.doc, 29kb)
  • Hannele Pokka (FI), Governor of the Province of Lapland, ex-Minister of Justice: The Lapland route to the digital economy (.doc, 26kb)
  • David Reid (CA), Regional Manager Community Access - Industry Canada: Canadian regions on the move
  • Owen Evans (UK), Policy co-ordinator, British Telecom Wales: Building the Welsh Economy on global digital infrastructures (.doc, 25kb)
  • Ken Young (AUS), Community Information Victoria Inc.: Regional Australia in the Internet age
  • Robert Shotton, European Commission - DG Regional Policy: The Interaction between Regional Development Policy and Information Society Capabilities (.doc, 1,5Mb)


Thanassis Chrissafis (Athanassios.Chrissafis@cec.eu.int)

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