WORKSHOP: Geographic Information in the Information Society

Wednesday 24 November 08:30-12:00 room C3

Description :

Geographic Information (any information that can be referenced to a location on earth) is used more and more commonly for decision making by governments, enterprises and private citizens. The GI workshop will present how spatially referenced data exerts in the information society a great influence over our daily lives, both now and in the future.

Our vision of the future is the integration of tools and platforms that accommodate the spatial (and temporal) awareness features of GI, to provide appropriate information, multimedia, customised to the users’ needs, anywhere, at any time, in any language. Such information services will be based on data derived from both terrestrial and satellite resources, integrated with traditional ground based geographic information, global positioning and telecommunications systems.

Geographic Information (GI) enables us to understand and manage our territory, through its modelling. This example combines the modelling of the territory shape (slopes, altitudes, orientation) with the modelling of the land cover (forest, urban, agricultural, etc.). The image has been produced by the EC JRC project GI&GIS. GI and Geographic Information Systems offer very powerful tools to better understand our world and improve management and monitoring.

The workshop will also analyse the GI policy needed for Europe, the role of European GIS industry in the Global Market and the impact of GI in the European economy.

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Pascal Jacques (Pascal.Jacques@cec.eu.int)

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