The EuroPrix 99 Conference in Tampere,
November 19 -20, 1999:
"Understanding the European Content Industries -Towards a European Multimedia Economy"

"Understanding the European Content Industries - Towards a European Multimedia Economy" is the topic of the EuroPrix 99 Scholars Conference. It takes place at the Hypermedia Lab of the University of Tampere, Juvenes Juhla-ja Kokouskeskus (Yliopistonkatu 56, Tampere), from the 19th to the 20th of November, within the framework of the Gala event, celebrating the winners of the EuroPrix 99 contest.

A competitive Call for Papers invited top multimedia researchers in Europe and overseas to submit papers. The Scientific Board of the Scholars' Network selected the best papers to be presented at the conference. Sessions deal with multimedia economics, user studies and cultural aspects of multimedia, and legal and regulatory issues. http://www.europrix.org/scholars_frameset.html

The Scholars Conference is part of the activities of the scholars network which brings together researchers and practitioners interested in the analysis of the new content industries: For information and registration in the network please consult: selhofer@newmedia.at.

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