WORKSHOP: Sustainable e-nvironment

Tuesday 23 November 08:30-12:00 room C4


This workshop will present and discuss opportunities for information society technologies in support of sustainable development. A review and assessment of uses of environmental IST services for monitoring and management purposes, in support of an open and democratic society and as efficient tools in economic activities and decision making will take place. Encouragement to foster interaction and enable affective dialogue among researcher, industry, policy makers and stakeholders, and agents of social change toward sustainability. Aim to highlight emergent technological innovations and their potential implications for enhancing trajectories toward sustainability, and address the importance of realising Sustainable IS through local initiatives and citizen participation.

The workshop will also focus on environmental dimensions of sustainable development and the interactions between environmental factors and the information society technologies in different socio-economic and cultural contexts.

Among the perspectives to be highlighted are:

  • market perspective on environmental information services
  • "best practice" for today's environmental information services
  • relationships between sustainable development and IST
  • futures perspective for sustainable e-nvironment and development


Chairperson: Prof. G. Vonkeman (NL), Institute voor Europees Milieubeleid: Sustainable Development - a challenge for IST (.doc, 26kb)

  • Wolfgang Boch, Head of Unit, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General: IST-Environment and Sustainable Development R&D in the 5th framework programme (.doc, 39kb)
  • Maurizio Cecchi (I), TelecomItalia: Environmental IST tools: a business for Telecom Operators? (.ppt, 964kb) (.doc, 27kb)
  • Einar-Arne Herland (FI), Tekes: Best practice of today’s environmental information services (.doc, 26kb)
  • Sergio Vizzari (F), Matra Systems & Information : Geospatial Infrastructure & Services for DisasterManagement : a viable market perspective (.ppt, 1,3Mb) (.doc, 27kb)
  • Dr Thomas Schauer (D), FAW, Ulm : IST and Sustainable Development - Chances and Illusions (.ppt, 203kb) (.doc, 33kb)
  • Jernej Stritith (HUN), Regional Environment Centre, Szentendere: Ways in which IST can support sustainable development in Central and Eastern Europe (.doc, 27kb)
  • Dr Auli Keskinen (FI), Ministry of Environment, Finland: Joint interests of Sustainable Development and information Society (.doc, 35kb)
  • Anders Wijkman MEP: The synergy between Sustainable Development and the IT revolution (.doc, 32kb)
  • Prof. Nazli Choucri (USA), MIT: Strategic Partnerships with Multilingual Functionality for Globalisation and Localisation (.doc, 184kb)

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