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While the Internet may be seen as something of a global melting pot in the need to facilitate international communications, it can also cater to the specific needs of countries, regions and even municipalities in support of their cultural identities and assets.

In this context, cultural organisations such as libraries, museums and archives will have much to offer both professional users and citizens in support of their local and global interests in the knowledge society. Cultural organisations will need to enhance their role of building attractive cross-border services. These services should reflect their language, history and culture, while responding to the day-to-day needs for citizens throughout the Union, in order to obtain pertinent facts, figures and background for business, leisure and learning.

Among the services of interest to citizens at the local level are library-based support for exploring the assets of the municipality or the region, archive support for those interested in examining family histories or records of the development of the community, and museums exhibits tracing the cultural history of the area. Together, these will increasingly contribute to global understanding of our rich scientific and cultural heritage.


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Ian Pigott (Ian.Pigott@cec.eu.int)

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