Tuesday 23 November 08:30-10:00 Ballroom


As we stand on the threshold of the new millennium, creativity and digital expression are shaping our culture, research and economy. From the citizen and the artist publishing freely and globally to a fusion of research and applied creativity. From the digital entrepreneur to 1001 channels, cascading multimedia content back to the citizen: the ultimate 'consumeter' of what will and will not sell. And so the digital momentum gathers speed...

Content Driving Competitiveness will look at emerging standards and business models for digital content and examine the impact of new content technologies on the Information Society and beyond. Realising the Information Society and empowering the citizen has profound implications for all concerned and presents particular challenges and opportunities for culture, science and the economy. The session examines these issues through the eyes of an artist, a scientist and a businessman. They will help us to come to terms with and understand the societal and cultural changes and the technological and economic developments we can expect.

From the team that gave you a CyberCommunity at EITC '97, and Captured Your Imagination at IST '98, it's time for “Getting Down to Business”.


Chairperson: Kieran O'Hea (L), Seagrange Ltd., Consultant in new media, electronic publishing and multimedia content, experienced collaborator in the European Commission’s research programme’s in these areas. (.doc, 36kb)

  • Glorianna Davenport (USA), MIT Media Lab, One of the worlds leading researchers in the area of interactive film, Glorianna will present ways in which philosophical constructs and a desire to make visible the complete self are influencing the design of future communication. Q: What makes a good research environment? A: Creativity, Openness, Sociability (.doc, 36kb)
  • Andreas Broeckmann (NL), V2_Organisation, Co-ordinator of the European Cultural Backbone.  This is an organisation engaged in realising a New Media Culture that is committed to participation, creativity, innovation and social change by brokering new relationships and co-operations between art, research, industry and education. Social and technical networks for cultural co-operation. (.doc, 24kb)
  • Thomas Heogh (UK), Arts Alliance, With a diverse background spanning theatre and intelligent agents to CEO of Arts Alliance, providing expansion capital to high potential Internet ventures, Thomas will talk about community driven content and the role of catalyst artists. Next Generation User Created Content (.doc, 33kb)


Bernard Smith, (Bernard.Smith@cec.eu.int)
Kieran O'Hea (Kohea@ip.lu)

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