SPECIAL MEETING: The Global Cities Dialogue

Tuesday 23 November 09:00-12:00 room C5


Cities are the geographical, political, socio-economic and cultural entities where millions live, work and directly exercise their rights as citizens and consumers. By nature, cities play and have to play a major role in the development of the Information Society. The transition to the Information Society is a massive challenge and presents cities with number of issues, changes and opportunities from democracy to more cost-effective services and support to the productive system, including electronic commerce and others.

The Global Cities Dialogue is a new initiative to support cities in this challenge. Its objective is to foster the development of the Information Society across the globe, and to help reducing the gap between information-rich and information-poor. It tries to give answers to the challenge of globalisation and it underlines the importance of cities’ sharing and transferring experiences in order to stimulate a global process of information society learning and development.

The Global Cities Dialogue initiative is an expression of the “European way”, taking into account social and societal aspects and promoting global dialogues with all relevant players, in order to help realise the potential of the Information Society technologies for the benefit of all countries, regions, cities and individuals.

Such a dialogue would provide encouragement to the learning process on a local, European and global scale; it would enable cities to learn from each other’s experiences of success and failure. It would provide a mechanism for a more informed interaction with the private sector, and would provide a mechanism to involve local government in the overall dialogue on globalisation and convergence.


  • Erkki Liikanen, Member of the Commission, Enterprise and the Information Society
  • Eva-Riitta Siitonen, (Finland), Lord Mayor of Helsinki and Vice-president of Eurocities
  • Carl Cederschiöld, (Sweden) Mayor of Stockholm
  • Mariella Gramaglia, (Italy) City of Rome
  • André Santini, (France) Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineux
  • Wilfried Lemke, (Germany) Senator, Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
  • Iba N' Diaye, (Mali) Mayor of Bamako
  • Vladimir De Semir, (Spain) City of Barcelona
  • Pablo Garzonio, (Argentina) City of Buenos Aires
  • Jan Anders Palmqvist, (Sweden) Mayor of Ronneby
  • Petra Grah, (Germany) City of Köln
  • Other Mayors from the Global Cities Dialogue
  • Prof. Alfonso Molina (UK), University of Edinburg
  • Chairman: Jörg Wenzel, Chief Adviser, Information Society Activities Centre,
    European Commission


Luis Lozano (luis.lozano@cec.eu.int)

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