Impact of Electronic Commerce in Eastern Countries


Each CEEC (Central and Eastern European Countries) and NIS (New Independent States of the former Soviet Union) country has its own initiatives, projects, actions and eventually a policy in the E-Commerce domain.

A workshop will be held to explain to EU industrialists, associations and other European organisations, what is going in 5 of those countries

E-Commerce and the 5th Framework programme should create a new space of mutually beneficial co-operation between the EU and all CEEC and NIS countries

Other indirect aspects will be explained like electronic payments, or CEEC IPR issues and impacts of city reorganisation due to electronic trade.

Common initiatives are expected to emerge during and after the sessions and opportunities will be addressed for submission in the future calls for proposals.

Tuesday 23 November 13:15-16:30 room C3


Impact of e-Commerce in five CEEC countries

  • Chairman: Bror Salmelin,  Head of Unit, Electronic Commerce, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General
  • Prof. Marian Niedzwiedzinski (PL), University of Lodz, Poland
  • Dr. Radu-Adrian Mlesnita (RO), Director of Electronic Commerce Centre in Cluj
  • Georgi Stoev (BG), Member of the board of directors of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce, Sofia
  • Bojidar Danev (BG), Executive Chairman, Bulgarian Industrial Association
  • Romualdas Krukauskas (LT), former deputy Minister ITC, Lithuania
  • Cene Bavec (SI), Ministry for Science and Technology, Slovenia

Wednesday 24 November 08:30-12:00 room C4


Impact of e-Commerce in five NIS countries

  • Prof. Arkadi Kremer, Association RANS, Moscow /Russia
  • Tatiana Lyadnova (BY), Minsk/Bielorussia
  • Prof. Paata Kervalishvili (GE), University of Tbilisi /Georgia
  • Andrea Brignone (F), Transbalt /Protexarms /St. Petersburg /Russia


Wladimir Gutowski (Wladimir.Gutowski@dg13.cec.be)

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