WORKSHOP: Intellectual Capital / Intangible Investments - How much is your business worth

Monday 22 November 14:00-17:30 room C5


Radical changes are taking place as a result of the shift from a material-oriented towards an information- and service-oriented economy. In several different domains there is growing concern that the instruments available for economic and business management are no longer adequate.

  • Policy makers have insufficient data on the shift from investment in tangible assets in the economy, and limited information on the volume of trade in services and intangible goods.
  • Managers in industry are coming under increasing pressure to assess the impact of investment in intangible assets, such as R&D, training and the ICT infrastructure on the value and performance of the company.
  • Financial analysts can no longer rely on the book value of a company as a reliable guide to valuation of an enterprise for investment purposes, and there are growing concerns over the tendency to lock in the know-how of key personnel with restrictive exclusive contracts.


Introduction and welcome: Ronald Mackay, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General, Electronic commerce

  • C. Eustace (UK), Mantos Associates / Brookings Institute The key issues
  • C. Goldfinger (B), GEF S.A. The investment perspective
  • L. Haapanen (FIN), QPR The MAGIC project
  • J. Warschat (D), Fraunhofer IAO The research perspective

Current industrial best practise

  • J. Loudes (F), Cap Gemini
  • C. Støvring (DK), Rambøll
  • A. Haggren (FI), ICL


Ronald Mackay (Ronald.Mackay@cec.eu.int)

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