WORKSHOP: ‘ACTION’ - E-commerce awareness: Influencing the information society

Monday 22 November, 9:00-12:00 room C5


Electronic commerce offers valuable opportunities for European SMEs. SMEs awareness of electronic commerce should be raised in early stage to strengthen their competitiveness in this area. European Commission has one of key roles in awareness raising activities. Representatives of European electronic commerce awareness projects gather for 4th ACTION workshop to discuss the impact of e-commerce awareness projects.

ACTION (Awareness Creation Cluster in the field of Electronic Commerce) consists of representatives of European initiatives dealing with E-Commerce awareness creation including e-gateway project and all several ESPRIT awareness projects (for example KITE, PREMISE, KISMET and WeCAN).

ACTION's objective is to work together in order to make SMEs in Europe aware and ready to use
e-commerce. This is done by exchange of information, ideas and results. The fourth ACTION workshop in IST 99 conference has a theme "E-commerce awareness projects: Influencing the information society". Further co-operation of European electronic commerce awareness projects will also be discussed.

TIEKE, Finnish Information Technology Development Centre is the co-ordinator of the fourth ACTION workshop. TIEKE is a neutral and non-profit forum in the development of the Finnish Information Society at-large.


Chairperson: Mr. Aatto J. Repo (FI), Managing Director, Finnish Information Technology Development Centre (.rtf, 18kb)

  • Olaf Jüptner (D), e-gateway project, Project Manager, Wirtschaftsförderung Hessen Investitionsbamk AG HLT, Germany: E-gateway – Your Gateway to E-commerce (.doc, 2,3Mb)
  • Barbara Gatti (B), CEN/ISSS awareness campaign, Officer for Electronic Commerce Awareness, CEN/ISSS: How to Reap the Benefits of E-commerce (.doc, 35kb)
  • Tatu Tuominen (FI), Verkkokaveri project, Senior Research Officer, Ministry of Transport and Communications: Integrating People, Technology and Space - A Challenge for Europe (.doc, 18kb)
  • Kennet Lindqvist (S) Kismet project, Director, NOESIS-CMI AB
  • Ian Culpin (B), Managing Director, Martech International SA: A Strategic Approach to Awareness (.doc, 51kb)


Marika Leskelä  (marika.leskela@tieke.fi)
Aatto J. Repo (

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