WORKSHOP: Strategic Issues in Multilateral International Collaboration – Learning from the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Initiative

Wednesday 24 November 8:30-16:00 room C5, 13:00-16:00C4+C5


Outstanding economists and engineering manufacturers will introduce into the issues of globalisation and its impact on manufacturing and services world-wide and also on the developing world. Against this background , the workshop will analyse the experiences gained in the IMS scheme as a tool for global research and development co-operation with its unique IPR provisions. The IMS project participants will explain their achievements in solving problems related to global manufacturing and explain the benefits derived from collaborative efforts in the IMS scheme. The IPR Provisions could serve as a model for other kinds of international RTD collaboration and specialised IPR attorneys will be at the disposition of the workshop participants offering their guidance and advice even to specific questions in the IPR domain and consortia co-operation agreements.

IMS is an international agreement signed by Europe and Norway, Australia, Canada, Japan, USA and Switzerland (Korea is about to join) on RTD co-operation in the domain of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems. An international project portfolio has been set up and involves more than 400 organisations world-wide. The IST Conference with many participants from the USA, Japan, Canada, Australia, Israel and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is the ideal environment for presenting the achievements of IMS and discussing its future.

After an introduction of strategic issues of the role of manufacturing and related services in modern economies through, key speakers from the international scientific community will introduce the IC-technologies relevant for future manufacturing (IT Enabled Manufacturing, Next Generation Intelligent Equipment, Advanced Design Technologies, Virtual Manufacturing) and facilitate the contributions of the IMS projects in this regard.

There will be a chance to exchange ideas and to develop new projects e.g. by “internationalising” current European research projects.

The speakers come from practically all regions in the world, in particular from Japan and the USA. All ongoing research projects with relevance for manufacturing are encouraged to participate.

Key Speakers:

  • P. Armarego (AUS), Attorney, Clayton Utz: IMS IPR provisions-background and essential elements.
  • R. Falstad (USA), SEMATECH: IMS IPR provisions: Experience gained (.doc, 29kb)
  • Prof. F.L. Krause (D), Fraunhofer Institute IPK: IT enabled manufacturing
  • Prof. T. Moriwaki (JPN), University of Kobe: An example of international co-operation: IMS achievements, developments and its future form a Japanese point of view.
  • Dr P. Nunnenkamp (D), Kiel Institute of World Economics: Role of manufacturing and related services in modern economics. (organisation of future manufacturing based industry) (.doc, 28kb)
  • H. Ohkura (JPN), Toyo Engineering Corporation: IMS IPR provisions: Experience gained (.doc, 23kb) (.ppt, 171kb)
  • Prof. J. Ranta (FI), Helsinki University: Strategic issues of globalisation (.doc, 37kb)
  • A. Roumiguier (F), Matra Datavision: Advanced Design Technologies.
  • Prof. T. Tomiyama (JPN), University of Tokyo: The future of IMS
  • Prof. E. Westkämper (D), Fraunhofer Institute IPA: Virtual Manufacturing.
  • J. Suominen, European Commission: Next Generation Intelligent Equipment (.doc, 34kb)

Other speakers:

  • Dr H. Abdalla (UK), De Montfort University: Next Generation Intelligent Equipment (.doc, 37kb)
  • Prof. B. Braunschweig (F), IFP: Advanced Design Technologies.
  • Dr P. Bunce (UK), Consortium of Advance Manuf.: Next Generation Manufacturing Systems project presentation.
  • A. Col (F), Sollac Usinor Group: Advanced Design Technologies (.doc, 30kb)
  • J. Ercolanelli (F), Systus International: Virtual Manufacturing.
  • Dr. M. Fuse (JPN), Sumimoto Electric Industries Ltd.: IT enabled manufacturing (.doc, 147kb)
  • K. Koch (D), Fraunhofer Institute: Advanced Design Technologies (.doc, 34kb)
  • S. McCormack (CAN), Stikeman – Elliot: Attorney – Practical advice on IMS / IPR issues
  • Dr W. Pölzleitner (A), Sensotech Forschungs und Entwicklung: Next Generation Intelligent Equipment.
  • Dr T. Savolainen (CH), Idegen GmbH: IT enabled manufacturing (.doc, 29kb)
  • Prof. A. Schnülle (D), University of Hannover: Next generation intelligent equipment (.doc, 37kb)
  • M. Ollus (FI), VTT Automation: Experiences from industry in co-operation with Japan
  • Dr. P. Valkenaers (B), KU Leuven: Next Generation Intelligent Equipment.
  • Dr R. Van den Berg (NL), Baan Development: Next Generation Intelligent Equipment.
  • Dr. R. Wing (UK), Imperial College of Science Technology & Medicine: IT enabled manufacturing.

Speakers from the European Commission:

  • Rosalie Zobel, Acting Director, New Methods of Work and Electronic Commerce, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General
  • Bror Salmelin, Head of Unit, Electronic Commerce, European Commission, Information Society Directorate General
  • Hervé Pero, Research Directorate General, European Commission


Paolo Garello (Paolo.Garello@cec.eu.int) IST Programme
Dietlind Jering ( Dietlind.Jering@cec.eu.int) GROWTH Programme

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