Parrot helps conference participants

People gather at conference centres to see and hear interesting things, meet people and engage in discussion. Interaction at events can be very information intensive and, in situations where there is a diversity of topics, it can be difficult to get everything done.

The COMRIS parrot is a wearable electronic assistant designed to represent a conference participant's interests in events. While the person walks around the physical conference centre, the parrot moves around a virtual conference centre putting forward the wearer's views and gathering information on behalf of the user.

This personal assistant realises a two-way link between the real and the virtual conference. It observes what is going on around the wearer (whereabouts, activities, other people around), and informs the user, using audio speech output, on potentially useful encounters, demonstrations and so on. The parrot serves to represent, to defend and to further the interests or objectives of the wearer even if that person's attention is distracted by other events.

The parrot will be on the COMRIS stand where it will be demonstrated, acting on behalf of a user, in various situations.

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