Making DVD-Video affordable for the home user

Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) technology is still inaccessible for the home moviemaker. Making a DVD-Video at home is currently too costly, which severely limits the expansion of this technology within Europe.

The VIPER project plans to change this situation by making DVD video encoding and authoring much cheaper and so making it more feasible to produce high quality movies at home using this exciting medium. The project plans to deliver a DVD video production system for less than 800 euros!

To achieve this, the project has developed a new encoder at relatively low cost. The processor chips have been optimised for the application, taking advantage of the power of the personal computer (PC) environment to minimise the silicon required. The resulting DVD solution will be targeted expressly at the home PC market.

The VIPER demonstration shows the integration of all components, together with required software and drivers, into a full low cost DVD production system. Visitors will see how easy it is to create their own DVD video home movies on a PC, and to view them in broadcast quality.

Contact Contact Lionel ZAJDE, VITEC Multimedia
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