Accessing multimedia services while on the move

Interoperation between broadcasting and mobile communications networks will add a new dimension for multimedia on the move in trains, buses, trams and cars. New market opportunities for broadcasters will open up as more audiences connect to these networks.

The MOTIVATE project is working on a high bandwidth broadcast down-link capable of delivering television, radio and multimedia data services to portable telephone and computing devices. These services can be delivered to people on the move, in both push mode (on public transport) or pull mode (via personal multimedia terminals). Content can be tourist information, conference data (e.g. information for participants) or data-on-demand services (e.g. the Internet). As people become more use to immediate access, information services will grow in commercial value.

On the stand, live television programmes are being received on a wide-screen display, which is also capable of receiving other audio-visual, and data services, and providing access to the Internet. There is also the opportunity to try out a fully featured mobile multimedia terminal, and to take a trip in the MOTIVATE bus which demonstrates the reception of television on the move.

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