Virtual communities are good for online business

Online or virtual communities are increasingly seen as a key method of transforming web sites into a profitable resource. Businesses recognise that by creating on-line communities around their products, they can improve value to the customer while increasing customer loyalty. Entertainment sites understand that an online community fosters the enjoyment of films, music and games, while membership associations see them as an opportunity to remove the logistical and information barriers that can limit interaction between members.

The mission of the HOMEVR project is to provide software that transforms static web sites into effective online communities. The overall objective is to explore, develop and improve tools for the development of virtual community environments for residential users. The aim is to deliver interactive services that are attractive and user-friendly.

HOMEVR is working with advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR), digital television, three-dimensional (3D) multi-user worlds and multimedia. The development in particular of advanced 3D-user interfaces that are fun and easy to use will lead to increasing acceptance and more efficient use of information services accessible from the home. Target markets include small and medium size enterprises that could publish local information in an easy and appealing manner. Other markets are Internet service providers and multimedia agencies.

An integrated environment for the creation of interactive VR Communities is being shown on the HOMEVR stand. This includes templates for typical locations within every community (banks, specialised stores, entertainment centres, etc.). They will also see how support for promotion capabilities, ordering, payment, consumer transactions, and support of personal computer and digital TV-based clients can offer an easy-to-use, attractive and visually aesthetic environment for users at home as well as organisations.Virtual communities are good for online business

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