New mobile phone services to expand the GSM market

Europe leads the world in Global System for Mobility (GSM) and has the opportunity to lead in the provision of services that can be exploited worldwide as the market grows. The FLIRT project is identifying services, which will attract new subscribers to GSM mobile networks, and aims to influence the relevant standards.

FLIRT allows users to select information services and to tailor them according to their location. This increases efficiency and satisfaction particularly while the user is on the move. Recreational services have been devised to support interaction activities such as dating-games and multiple player treasure hunts. These go well beyond the scope of services currently available and help to make mobile phones work to the benefit of the community.

Using emerging standards as a basis the project is devising these services so that they can be delivered to handsets of varying capability. Server software and browsers are being developed to demonstrate and evaluate the concept on a live network. The findings from a trial will support input to standardisation activities in content mark-up languages and transfer protocols for mobile services.

The FLIRT stand is demonstrating games and information services on a grand scale: shown on a mobile phone, which is 10 times life size. Visitors can interact with a range of mobile phone services developed especially for the user trials in Helsinki. For example, multiple player games which exploit the sights of the Finnish capital, and information services which improve life for busy parents and business people.

Contact Dave BELL, Philips Research Laboratories
tel +44 1293 815150
fax +44 1293 815500
email bell@prl.research.philips.com
website www.seagrp.co.uk/FLIRT/flirt.html

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