High bandwidth multimedia information services by cable

National, regional and local multimedia services, covering information, education and entertainment, are becoming practicable commercial operations. Significant advances are being made in relevant technologies such as cable transmission, digital video and video manipulation tools and databases. However, greater integration of these technologies is needed to produce a complete and viable service.

The CLIPSHOP project is setting up an experimental high bandwidth, multimedia information service for the home market. These services require content preparation (centred on digital video), content packaging (video indexing and browsing), transmission and commercialisation. CLIPSHOP involves a major cable operator, a technology company and a content provider. Access is by personal computers connected to the cable television network using high-speed cable modems.

Approaches to commercialisation depend on the type of information and the type of target user. In CLIPSHOP the multimedia content is designed according to variable business models with, as examples, either end-user payment or sale of advertising. The exploitation of the service will primarily occur in the context of added-value services provided by the cable operator. The service can take several forms, from a weekly multimedia magazine for the general public to specialised multimedia productions for targeted groups.

Visitors to the CLIPSHOP stand can use a workstation to play previews of movies supplied via a digital cable network.

Contact Jorge Manuel LOPES, Proença TV Cabo Portugal
tel +351 1 35 68 414
fax +351 1 35 68 466
email jorge.proenca@tvcabo.pt
website clipshop.tvcabo.pt

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