Secure IT assets with continuous monitoring

Enterprises are investing heavily in information technology (IT), often without proper asset management. Studies by the Gartner Group show that the real cost of a computer grows to 2.6 times the initial investment over a period of five years. IT equipment is not just office computers but also office machines, portable computing devices and mobile phones which are easily lost or stolen. IBM has published figures that show computer theft reaches millions of euros every year. The cost to the company can be purely financial (replacing the stolen item) or strategic when confidential data falls into the wrong hands.

The TSAOMI project has developed a new means of combating these problems, by providing a simple, yet powerful tool to manage valuable IT assets. Using both wired and wireless tagging, the Keylan™ system protects both fixed and mobile assets such as personal computers (PCs), fax machines and printers by providing round the clock monitoring of each item. The system blocks any attempt to remove, open or damage the equipment. For mobile assets the system continuously tracks their location and introduces a method of user responsibility for each item.

Keylan™ is designed to blend seamlessly into an IT environment to manage fixed and mobile assets across all sites of an enterprise. It can provide an up-to-date inventory showing where things are located. This can eliminate the need for the annual inventory, where the resulting information often becomes quickly out-of-date.

Visitors may attempt to remove a PC from the TSAOMI stand and see what happens! The project is also announcing the release of version 2 of the software with its new features (phone extension support, etc).

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