Electronic tagging solutions for the retail sector

The most common method used for identifying retail goods these days is the bar-code system. Although well proved, this method of identification involves reading each item label with an optical reader. It is prone to errors from label abrasion or misalignment with the reader, and does not provide an ideal solution for many of the operational problems involving logistics, sales and security.

The ALBATROS project is developing new electronic tagging technology to meet operational needs in three retailing applications: reliable identification for logistics operations automatic sales checkout and security.

The ALBATROS electronic tagging system is based on radio frequency ID technology and has involved technological developments in application specific integrated circuits, the Tag itself, read-write equipment and the information system. The results of the project will be applied in several phases, starting with high-value garments and working towards identifying all supermarket products.

On the ALBATROS stand there are demonstrations of the electronic tagging technology in use for automatic article labelling, merchandise input and output, sale and return of items, anti-theft solutions and automatic inventory.

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