Much more than a website

The European Schoolnet is the framework for collaboration between Ministries of Education uniting national and other networks across Europe. This joint venture has been established upon an Internet platform which integrates human networks with computer networks.

All the Ministries have nominated national networks which make up the partner networks of European Schoolnet, with direct links from the central website.These national networks also deliver content with an added European value and are usually responsible for the translation of many sections of the website into their own languages.

European Schoolnet enables officials from the education ministries to work together. There are separate arrangements for editors responsible for content in the national networks and for those providing the technical infrastructure. There are networks for school managers, for subject teachers and for innovative schools. People in business and research, in local and national government and in schools can all participate.

European Schoolnet is much more than a website. It is an on-line campus where all those concerned with education in Europe will find information, locate resources and meet people in a comprehensive service for schools and colleges. It is a human network and not just a technical one. In fact, it is a true network of networks.

There are four main facilities on the EUN campus:

  • the Resources Area; an on-line library and more, with a virtual school for subject teachers
  • the Innovation Area; a lively information centre to help teachers keep up-to-date on educational developments and a dedicated network for innovative schools
  • the Collaboration Area; a meeting-place for teachers who wish to work together or find out what others have been doing
  • the Teacher Training Area; an open college for professional development
Contact Guus WIJNGAARDS, European Schoolnet
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