Bridging the gap

PROSOMA features the latest breakthroughs from the world of information and communication technologies. This free service was developed by the European Commission to bridge the gap between research and the marketplace by providing organisations with a rich array of the latest ideas. PROSOMA is a practical working tool for all innovation players and a marketplace for those seeking to promote or to acquire new information and communication technologies.

Research results featured in PROSOMA are the outcomes of RTD projects running under ACTS, Esprit and Telematics Applications programmes. The service makes full use of the possibilities offered by information and communication technologies, whilst being careful to remain easily available to its users. The information is provided through the several convenient communication channels: website, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and paper publications.

Contact PROSOMA Help Desk
tel +352 441012 2300
fax +352 441012 2258
email info@prosoma.lu
website www.prosoma.lu

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