Communication initiatives for cities, using common infrastructure and standards

There is an urgent need for the European citizen to understands the significance of social, economic and cultural changes involved with the new information society.

Non-understanding of the nature of these changes can cause resistance and fear about our common future. To overcome this, Europe needs a series of demonstration projects in real situations with the enablers and users in a realistic market environment.

Cities and towns are best suited to represent the 'chemistry' of all social, economic and cultural changes in the Information Society.

The city of The Hague has brought together 17 cities and regions. Together with 35 industrial and commercial partners, they form INFOCITIES.

Contact Martin van ROSSUM, City of The Hague
tel +31 70 4020 824
fax +49 23 19070 403
email mvanrossum@quicknet.nl
website www.infocities.eu.int

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