Web-based electronic information exchange

InfoBridge supplies a basic infrastructure to ensure a high profile for the ACTS Programme, the dissemination activities as well as the support of the projects and the European Commission in their efforts to provide ACTS results. This includes the ongoing promotion of ACTS in all European regions and in specific business sectors. These are supported by regular infomation services such as the multilingual headline news plus direct contacts to media gatekeepers and business multipliers.

The InfoSpace is the hub of the web-based electronic information exchange for ACTS events, for the InfoBridge services and products as well as a database for the ACTS projects and the ACTS community as a whole. It is an essential channel for continuous and timely dissemination of information about the ACTS Programme and its results to the outside world.

Contact Barbara BURR, Rechenzentrum Universitaet Stuttgart
tel +49 711 685 5811
fax +49 711 678 7626
email Infowin@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
website www.infowin.org

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