Less risk, less cost, less time

Launched in 1985, the EUREKA Initiative (now 26 countries and the EU) aims to enhance the competitiveness of European industries through the promotion of collaborative, market-led, high technology R&D ventures in different areas including Information Technologies.

Collaboration has many benefits. Pooling ideas, expertise and resources enables organisations to carry out larger and more ambitious projects. At the same time collaboration cuts costs and risk and accelerates the time it takes to bring innovative technologies, products, processes and services to market. These are key factors in helping our industries and businesses to maintain their competitive edge and technological advantage over international competitors.

EUREKA's strategy showed great foresight in anticipating the globalisation of the world's economy. It has already had a significant impact on European R&D. The Initiative functions through a network of National Project Co-ordinators across the EUREKA members. It promotes and facilitates cross-border projects involving companies, research organisations and universities working in advanced technologies.

Contact Marjatta HURME, Finnish EUREKA Office
tel +358 10 521 5602
fax +358 10 521 59096
email marjatta.hurme@tekes.fi
Contact Christine SIMEONE, EUREKA Secretariat
tel +32 2 777 0970
fax +32 2 770 7495
email christine.simeone@es.eureka.be
website www.eureka.be

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