Information Society Standardisation System

Acting as a focal point for the development of standardisation related solutions, CEN/ISSS offers a platform uniquely combining sensitivity to market requirements with the neutrality assured by formal standards bodies.

Its main activities are open workshops, attracting a broad participation of market players, where consensus agreements are developed to meet a range of ICT issues. It also has responsibility for the formal standards-making CEN Technical Committees working in the ICT area and producing European Standards.

Among the workshops are many that focus on sector-specific aspects of electronic commerce. These often operate in parallel to pilot implementation projects initiated as research and development projects. In addition, CEN/ISSS runs an electronic commerce awareness campaign, highlighting standardisation issues for SMEs and providing best practice guidelines. CEN/ISSS is also active in areas where self-regulation is a feature, such as electronic signatures, data protection and copyright.

Workshop outputs are published as CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs), which can be technical specifications, guidance material, best practices, codes of good conduct, etc.

Contact Karen STABLES, Andersson CEN/ISSS
tel +32 2 550 0891
fax +32 2 550 0966
email karen.stables-andersson@cenorm.be

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